• Payday Loans UK

    Working with in excess of 30 lenders, Payday Loan UK offer our applicants higher acceptance rates for Payday loans when compared to applying with 1 individual lender direct.

    Our innovative application process is new to the market and will match your personal criteria with the Payday loan lender most likely to accept your application based on your personal circumstances, therefore your more likely to be accepted and get the best deal available to you.

  • No more guessing...

    With so many lenders in the market which is the best to choose? Payday Loan UK has erased all the guess work by introducing it's system that calculates your best chances for acceptance based on previous success from applicants of similar circumstances, furthermore your likely to get a lower APR% as our system will work through the lowest to highest interest and calculate your best chance taking all into consideration.

    Unfortunately we can not guarantee you will be accepted... but we can guarantee in using our system you will have a higher chance of being accepted and will not incur any further costs.


* Repaid on your next payday. Fees may vary per lender.

fast payday loan

If you need a express Payday loan and don’t know which way to turn then Payday Loan UK can help… the Payday loan market is ever growing due to increasing demand, but which lender is best? Unfortunately there is no easy answer as each lender has their own set of guidelines for the acceptance of an applicant.

For this reason we set up our system to ensure every applicant has a fair chance of being accepted without the stress of wading through all the different companies info, we only work with the best and most renowned lenders in the UK.

Our Payday loan system will work in your favor to get you a loan at the best available deal for your circumstances, every successful application made through our website is tracked and then we introduce the math to calculate your best chances compared to previous applicants of similar status.

 Payday Loans in 3 easy steps:

Visit our application page and select the loan amount you wish to borrow from £100 – £1000, fill out your personal details to the best of your knowledge. Typically the loan application process takes 5 minutes or less to complete and upon pressing submit there is approximately a 20 second delay where out system matches your details with the best Payday lender for your personal circumstances.
Once the out system has matched your personal requirements and circumstances with the lender most likely to accept your application with the best available APR% for your given circumstances, this information will be passed onto the successful Payday lenders website pre-populated in their application form ready to go.
Now your information is populated in the lenders form all you have to do is check and reconfirm the information is correct and finish the application process on the lenders website direct, only upon submitting your application on the referred lenders website will your application be processed. At this stage your  personal details will be checked and in some circumstances a credit check will be performed.

A credit check is part and parcel of the application process with most mainstream lenders and there’s nothing to worry about, the whole process takes a matter of minutes typically and upon completion please check your email and potentially your spam/ junk mail folder as occasionally emails are delivered there by default due to being of a loan nature.

Congratulations! The application process is now complete and you should expect to receive the funds directly in your bank account within 24hrs (usually far sooner) upon successful application.

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